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Free Brochure Templates


Brochures are a very reliable and competent way to make sure that your message gets a huge audience. It is very easy to prepare, and cost effective, that you can easily create and distribute brochures on a large scale, which means greater access for the public. Also, you get the opportunity to portray your message in a very easy to understand way, with attractive designs and themes, and appealing content. This makes brochures one of the most sought after way of advertisement in the modern world.

Brochures can be used to portray your message in any way you like, with your preferred images, and eye catching designs. To make sure that your brochure gets instant success, you must make sure that you have a professionally designed brochure. For that reason, you can also hire the services of a professional agency, but it will cost you more. To help you in the designing sector, we have a lot of skillfully created brochure and flyer design templates, which you can easily download from our site.
We have a lot of common as well as specific designs for brochures, that are absolutely free of cost, and open to all. Feel free to explore around the site and find the one most suitable to you. Otherwise, this is our general brochure design template, which you can see below. With little customization, you can use it to suit almost anything you wish to advertise.
Once you select the design, and customize it, you simply have to print copies according to the size you wish to achieve. This can be easily accomplished through your desktop printer, or even from a commercial press. Finally, your special and unique advertisement brochures are ready with minimum expense.

Here is the preview to this Free Brochure Template,

And here goes download link to this Free Brochure Template,

Click here to download this template

Executive Summary Template


An executive summary, as shown by the name itself, is intended for the executives to get an overall idea of the report that is being presented, without indulging into all the technical jargon and specific details. It demands a completely singular approach to summarizing concepts than the rest of the proposal. It should balance proficient delivery of important information with a persuasive, well-substantiated pitch, as well as demonstrating a clear understanding of the potential reader’s needs.
Executive summaries have to be created in such a way that readers can rapidly become familiar with all the details without having to read it all. A well-built executive summary is designed by keeping the audience firmly in mind which include busy executives concerned with the end results, not details. Just keep it clear, clean, and to the point. It is intended as an aid to decision making by executives, managers or clients.
The purpose of an executive summary is to summarize the key points of a document for its readers, saving them time and preparing them for the upcoming content. It is a stand-alone document, allowing the readers to get the complete picture simply by reading the summary itself. As it is possibly the most important part of a business plan,, utmost care should be given to its design and layout. You may even use a ready made design template to save your time, and at the same time, ensure an error free executive summary report. Below, you can see our executive summary report template, which you can easily download and customize, to create your own summary report.

Here is the preview of this Free Executive Summary Template,

And here goes download link to this Free Executive Summary Template,

Click here to download this Executive Summary Template

Employment Contract Template


Employment contract is an official document signed between an employee and his employer, which describes all the details related to the job, like the job description, rules and regulations, salary package, etc. Like all legal documents, an employment contract also has to be prepared and signed in accordance with the local laws regarding the employment structure.

Like every other legal document, an employment contract has to be carefully composed and created according to the employment laws of the locality. You can create an employment contract by yourself, by the help of some professional help. But if you are not comfortable with the process, it can be a very daunting task. For that reason, you will find many employment contract templates all over the internet that you can use for yourself, by some simple customization.

Here is our special employment contract template. It is a very basic type of template, which you may download and adapt to your own organization. This contract is perfect for temporary staff or wherever work can not be continuously guaranteed. You may revise the terms and conditions, and other details, so that they are coherent with your company policies.

You can click on the preview link below, to enlarge the template. Just click on the download link below, and you are free to add any details related to your organization and employment details. Before finalizing the contract, it is better to consult a legal person, so as to be familiar with any incompetence in the contract, and to be well familiar with the current laws.

Here is the preview of this Free Employment Contract Template,

Click here to download this template

And here goes download link to this Free Employment Contract Template,

Contingency Plan Template


It has been said: Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. For any business situation or project, a business man has to make sure that he has done his best to get the expected result, without any problem. On the other hand, he also has to take care to cover up for any possible emergency situations, or as an alternative if expected results fail to turn up.

For this reason, a back-up plan, or a contingency plan has to be prepared in advance, to accommodate any mis-happenings. It is a plan to guarantee that appropriate and instant follow-up measures will be taken by the administration and workers in case of an urgent situation. The main aim of a contingency plan is to guarantee minimum harm to personnel and/or property, and least interruption in the key operations of the organization. It is a very important aspect in risk management, and strongly recommended.

To prepare a formal contingency plan, you have to follow a specific pattern or design. To help you further, you can use a ready made contingency plan template that suits your and your company needs. You can find a number of different specialized contingency plan templates online, absolutely free of cost. Below is another very professionally designed template that you can download and use to create your own contingency plan. Just click on the download link below and customize it to suit your requirements. It is created in MS Word 2007, and is easy to use for any one.

Here is the preview of this Free Contingency Plan Template,

And here goes download link to this Free Contingency Plan Template,

Click here to download this plan template

Business Plan Template


A business plan is a formal statement describing your goals and the plan that you have devised for attaining those goals. A business plan is a very fundamental set of official documents to help you create a clear picture of what your business is about, where you plan to go, and how you will get there. These plans will help you to point out the achievements and objectives of your business, and form a map of your business.

Successful business growth is about planning and this is a critical stage. This makes a predefined business plan a very vital element for running a business. For the best business plan, you have to make the contents of your plan be in line with your real business purpose.

A normal business plan includes a standard set of elements, along with a fixed format design. Plan formats and outlines vary a bit, but the basic design remains the same. To write a perfect and best professionally acceptable business plan, you should have a clear idea of what is the format and design business plan and what contents are to be expected from it.

It can be helpful to view real sample business plans to get ideas for your own business plan. It can help your business to look ahead and take full advantage of all the available resources, and at the same time, prepare for problems and opportunities. Here you can take a look at our professional business plan template, which has been specially created by our skilful designer, to give you a basic idea of the format as well as the details to be included.

Here is the preview of this Free Business Plan Template,

And here goes download link to this Free Business Plan Template,

Click here to download this Plan Template

Shopping List Template


A shopping list is a general list of items to be purchased by a person. Customers usually jot down the list of groceries and other items that are to be purchased. Some people tend to purchase all of the required items only once a month, while others may make it a bi-weekly or weekly task. Technically, a shopping list is just a plain list having the names of items and the amount or quantity, etc to be bought.

Habitually, people go to shop on the same particular store or mall for each visit. It so happens that sometimes you may leave out some important item, or sometime you may purchase things that were not required. To save all this hassle and fuss of your shopping, it is a very good idea to use shopping list, that contain a customized list of all the required items. Using a sopping list becomes more important for a health conscious person, or for parents with a toddler or children and need to save time when shopping.

In an effort to cut down your huge shopping bills, you can just note down the things that you need in this shopping list template, and stick to it! Use our printable shopping list templates to sort out your shopping and save your precious time, as well as money. This shopping list is a well laid out Ms. Word file, that you can customize easily. You can create, store and print your own, personalized shopping list, and use it on each visit to the shopping store.

Below are preview and download link to these Free Shopping List Templates, you can check them and download the one which suits you best or if you want you can download all these Shopping List Templates for free..

Click here to download this template

Click here to download this Template

Click here to download this shopping list template

Reference List Template


If you want to apply for a job, you have to provide a complete record of your qualifications and previous job history. To put more stress on your hard work and good performance, you can provide the details of specific people whom you have either worked for, or been in touch on a professional level. They can provide a secure basis for you to show your skills and efficiency, making you a more suitable candidate for the particular post.

When you submit your curriculum vitae, or the resume, for a specific job position, you have to either present your previous references, or at least give a hint of the references you can provide. It has to be compiled in a properly designed and formatted reference list. By preparing a professional reference list, you can also use them for help or guidance. A reference list can contain collection of references either for business use or some other purposes.

A proper reference list must include names of three to five professional references; business titles and relationship to you; business address and contact numbers; and also their e-mail address. Name of person maintaining the list should be given at the top of the list. Here we give you a professional reference list template, so that you can focus on your work without having to design a reference list from scratch. You just have to replace the sample text with the actual data, and make any changes if required. Typically, a good reference candidate should be someone who can confirm the details of your resume and offers positive feedback regarding your work or educational skills and experience.

Here is the preview of this Free Reference List Template,

And here goes download link to this Free Reference List Template,

Click here to download this List Template

Picnic Flyer Template


Picnics are entirely enjoyable throughout the year. But they are most pleasant in the spring and summer seasons, with all the growing greenery and the floral scents. It is the best time of the year for all the outdoor people, waiting for picnics and fun and excitement.

In case you are planning a picnic trip, you have to take care to plan it in the best way possible. Most important of all, make sure you let your guests or invitees feel special in every way possible. You can try to give your event some extra special touch to make it memorable for yourself as well as the guests.

Here is our special Picnic Flyer Template, available free of cost for your use. You can have a look at it using the preview link below. It gives you a perfect opportunity to invite your friends to your picnic party that you are arranging. It is also a very handy template for someone who owns a special resort or picnic place. It can offer you loads of tourists and business.

Simply click on the download link below, and you can save the template file anywhere on your hard disk. After that, you only have to customize it to show your message and the details that you wish others to know. It is also very easy to edit and customize using Ms. Word, as it is a very simple software and convenient for almost every one.

Here is the preview of this Free Picnic Flyer Template,

And here goes download link to this Free Picnic Flyer Template,

Click here to download this Flyer Template

Gym Poster Template


With increasing awareness and improving living standards, people are becoming more and more concerned with their health and fitness issues. On the other hand, as our lives are becoming easy and the people are tending to become more inactive and lazier than before. To compensate for the activities in their regular lives, they prefer to join health clubs and fitness gyms, to remain in good shape.

As you all know already, there are a lot of clubs, and gyms and fitness centers opened up due to the increasing trend of people. For anyone who wants his or her center to stand out from all of the other similar centers, the best answer is appropriate publicity. To make sure that your message goes far and wide, you have to use the best tools available.

In case you are facing the similar problem of advertising your own health club, or gym, or any other society, you can use our special gym poster template. It is specially created by professionals, so that you can add all the details about the unique and best services that you offer, and at the same time, has an eye catching design, to make sure that your message gets a wide audience.

Just click on the download link below, and download our gym poster template. It is a very versatile and easy to edit template, with a lot of scope for a wide variety of advertisement needs. You can modify the color schemes, design, layout, size, etc. For best result, you can use this gym poster template as a poster, flyer, pamphlet, brochure, etc, so that more and more people get to know of your outlet, and the services provided.

Below is the preview and download link to this Free Gym Poster Template,

Click here to download this Poster Template

Free Proposal Template


Proposals are very essential in business projects and dealings. In order to start any type of business project, you first have to submit a proposal for it, so as to show the feasibility or non-feasibility of the specific project. This proposal report may be submitted to either or both the board members and/or the sponsors.
Creating a successful project proposal takes up a lot of your time and effort. To make a full impact on your readers, you not only have to get a complete research and thorough knowledge of the conditions of your project, but it is also important that you use power words to compile your official project proposal. If you are not used to appropriate business writing skills, formatting, and other elements of your word processor, your proposal may end up looking shabby and unprofessional.
Luckily, you can use templates to create your proposals much easily, and at the same time, with the proper design and format. You can get a free proposal template from any business site very easily. Below you can see our free proposal template which is created by our professional designers to meet your requirements.
A business proposal with a proper and qualified design will have an advantage over one that is more amateur. By using our free proposal template, you can get your required proposal and that too, within a short period of time. Additionally, as you do not have to worry about the design and layout, you can focus and concentrate more on the main part, namely, the content of your proposal. Free proposal template is fully capable of editing and amendment. You can make necessary changes at any time by editing.

Below is the preview and download link to this Free Proposal Template,

Click here to download this Proposal Template